Friday, 19 January 2018

Rogue Trader In Waterstones Dundee


As folks may or indeed may not know, I work at Waterstones in Dundee and last year we ran monthly games nights with some success and this year we're looking to really have a bash at providing somewhere for gamers to come along and meet like minded folks to play card games, boardgames and even the odd RPG session.

As I'm the events guy for our shop, I've volunteered to bring along Rogue Trader for folks to have a go at.

Rogue Trader

I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive as this will be the first demo game that I've tried out and as many of the people who headed along to previous nights are more into their board and cardgames, I'm not sure how things will go but it will give me the chance to put together a game and some forces and play out some scenarios!

The Governor General

The plan is to run it like an RPG lite with each player having a small squad of underlings supporting their character so I need to get the brushes out and crack on as I need to paint up a few more characters and troops, not to mention monstrous foes for the good guys to shoot at!

If anyone fancies coming along on Tuesday the 20th of February from 5pm, they are more than welcome! In the meantime though, I'll be posting regular updates as my assorted little warbands start forming and terrain construction goes up a gear!

We're also approaching the local wargaming group to see if they would be willing to bring along the new Necromunda to demo and as I get more info, I'll post it here.

All the best! 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Epic Planning


Well I'm slowly painting through my Epic pile and it's got me to thinking about getting some games in with my tiny armies.

Now as previously mentioned, I have no space to play mega games of Epic with huge armies duking it out for control of entire worlds, but I do have enough space to play considerably smaller games featuring small forces on patrol with the odd big guy to mix things up a bit.


With this in mind, I have decided to try and complete my Ultramarines over the course of January. The plan is to make sure I have at least one of each of the many choices Space Marine Armies have, which lets face it, is quite a bit!

 Ultramarines versus Eldar Aspects and an Avatar

With this in mind, I have perused both my painted Epic collection and my bits boxes to see what I still need to put together and I think I have just about everything I need which is handy. I am also going to revisit the existing paint jobs on most of my Ultramarines as compared to my Renegades, it's a bit rough and ready.

Ultramarine Armour

I'm rather keen to also put together a more tropical region of Farpoint to allow for some classic 40k scenic shenanigans inspired by 2nd edition 40k so action will be taking place on New Viridia, a heavily forested world ruled by the Viridian Megacorporation as well as on Farpoint itself.

Jungle Combat!

 I'm also hoping to use the opportunity to jump back into 15mm scale skirmishing with the secret war between the Governor General's intelligence agents and Vosk's ruffians so expect to see some small covert actions to appear here in the next few months!

Armoured assault

While on the topic, I am also pondering sculpting up some assorted bits and bobs to represent some of the characters I have come up with for my background and to set the scene for further developments in the sector. We shall have to see what I can come up with as I suspect that work will once again be very busy this year but I am rather enjoying working through the stuff I have and have thus far managed to avoid the siren call of purchasing anything.

Ultramarines defend a remote outpost from Goff raiders.

Worry not about my other Epic forces though, as I have plans for them too this coming year but sadly will have to dip into my hobby funds to round them out as each of them needs a few bits and bobs to make them really playable.

The Governor General's House Troops

I have enough stuff to put together warbands for my Squats, Eldar, Renegades and at least two different Marine Legions but I find myself bereft of any lowly Imperial Guard so will need to put together a small order to furnish myself with both Regular Imperial troops, the Governor Generals House troops, Vosks mercenary scum and some generic rebels, not to mention Viridian troops as well.

I think that the doability of collecting and painting a decent little force in 6mm is one of the main attractions of the scale, plus there's something really pleasing about seeing a tiny horde come together on the table that I'm rather liking. Plus the price of such a project is relatively low with an entire platoon of infantry being available for under a fiver and a tank platoon for not much more!

It's looking like I am going to have a rather action packed year ahead and I just hope that I can continue the year on such a high note as I have started it!

Hopefully my next update will have some freshly painted Marines to showcase as well as a few other bits and bobs that I've been working on but in the meantime, All the best!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Centurion Trinity Sighted


Happy New Year to everyone!

I spent a couple of hours last night finishing up some assorted gubbins for my Epic project, namely expanding my Ultramarine detachment choices.

First up, here's a trinity of Centurion heavy battle armour:

Centurion Heavy Battle Armour

In recent years, Centurion heavy battle armour has become a more common sight in the Space Marine Legions but this is their first recorded deployment on Farpoint. These advanced battle suits allow Space Marine forces to deploy heavy weaponry on a more mobile and less expensive frame than their Dreadnought walkers.

Operating in groups of three known as Trinities, these Centurions are equipped with a las cannon, two rocket pods and a storm bolter as well as a power fist. The groups callsign is Hesperus and are currently being used to defend the Trilithium mines at Deadwater, a small outpost approximately two hundred miles from Freeport City.

Next up, there's the first of my Ultramarine Assault Squads:

Assault Squad

I picked these guys up in a trade several years ago and they sported a bit of a blobby paintjob and lots of bright green flock. Instead of stripping them, I carefully removed them from their old base, soaked them in water to remove the flock and scraped off the mould lines and pieces of sprue that were still stuck to them. With a bit of a repaint, they look pretty decent!

With all the goodies getting reinforced, I wanted to start expanding my Renegades too so have finished up a command stand for my Berzerker Cult:

 Karnac Mordent, Commander of the Followers of Titan

As the Governor General has feared, Alexandr Vosk, the disgraced ex ruler of the sector has brought in some serious support for his anti Imperial machinations. Through his contacts with Lucius Goldburg, the sectors biggest crimelord, Vosk has hired a group of Renegades known as The Followers of Titan under the command of the notorious Karnak Mordent.

Thus far the Renegades have only been glimpsed briefly on Farpoint when they raided Deadwater and lifted a Trilithium shipment under the noses of the local garrison. Only the intervention of the Ultramarines saw the traitors driven off.

A gun battle rages on the outskirts of Deadwater between Ultramarines and Renegades

I'm rather pleased with the progress I'm making on my Epic project and hope to try out a game this evening using some bodged together rules and a small playing surface!

I've also been busily building some scenics of a suitable scale for my project and the latest addition is the local mining offices of Con-Am:

Renegades dig in around the Mining Office

Built from an old cocktail stick container and a small box as well as lots of cardboard and a Ramshackle Games resin gubbin, I quite like how the office has turned out. I also put together some barricades from an assortment of cardboard and plastic gubbins I had kicking around as any small skirmish game worth it's salt needs lots of cover for the combatants to hide behind when the lead starts flying!

I'm also putting together some character bios as well as location guides and maps for my upcoming campaign where the Governor Generals forces will be vying for the control of the Farpoint sector against Eldar and Rebel control!

In the meantime, All the best!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

End of the Year Roundup!


Well it's been an eventful year here at Spacecow Towers!

We've moved house, got a cat and I've reignited my joy of painting which has been a real boon. Ironically, this year has seen me paint far less than the last few years and I didn't even play any games over the course of the last twelve months.

Now with that out the way, I have high hopes for the next twelve months!

I've got some projects which are starting to build up a little bit of steam and I really want to get a game or two in as well as keeping up with the painting.

Firstly, there's my oft picked up and forgotten Epic project which I finally seem to be building up traction with.
Marauding Renegades

I currently have several small forces which I am hoping to expand into complete armies in the coming year. For the most part, this is going to be relatively easy to do as I have a goodly amount of unpainted Epic figures knocking about. I do however still need some assorted gubbins for my Eldar force as it's a little threadbare at present.

Eldar Raiders

The plan is to slowly add to each force and try out a few different game systems over the next twelve months which is a fairly manageable goal to set myself, especially as the number of figures I have to paint to get the the game size I am interested in is pretty low.

Secondly, my 15mm figures have taken a bit of a back seat over the last year or so with most of the stuff packed away for the house move and not yet in any gameable state. 


I have some plans for the little guys in the new year which should see me getting my 15mm mojo back too in a limited but focused way. I'm hoping to actually paint up quite a bit of the mini leadpile I have accrued over the last few years with the ongoing Farpoint project and will post some updates on my plan in the new year.

Farpoint Yak Pack

Finally, I seem to have fallen back in love with 28mm scale which is both great and highly annoying!

Denizens of the Labyrinth
I must admit that this is something I am having a bit of a quandary about as I've been finding myself sorely tempted to expand my dabblings into a longer term and rather more ambitious project but am worried that I would sicken myself and end up in a painting funk that would ruin my enjoyment of my hobby which is something to be avoided at all costs!

As a way of appeasing myself, I am thinking that I need to have a bash at painting up a small regiment in 28mm on good old fashioned square bases or a full squad of something 40kish and see how I cope. I want to avoid the more modern sculpts where possible, reserving the more complex and detailed pieces I happen across for my Labyrinth project.

Now I doubt I will manage to put together much more than that at a push but I will have to see how I get on and whether this scratches my Middlehammer cravings that seem to refuse to go away, no matter how much I try!

If I do this, the larger scale figures will probably be purely for the fun of painting as I really don't have the space to play anything like a game of Fantasy Battle or 40k in 28mm but I keep finding myself hankering after something retro that my teenaged self used to obsess over.

With this in mind, I look forward to the coming year and hope that I will get chance to put some of the assorted projects I seem to have found myself with into operation!

In the meantime, All the best and I hope you all have a fantastic New Year!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Epic Musings


Well I've been slowly painting some more epic scale gubbins for my Ultramarines as well as bodging some more buildings together and have had some further rambling thoughts on what I want to do with my collection moving forward into the new year.

I've got a decent amount of unpainted goodies still to work through, not to mention a complete starter set of Epic 40k awaiting me in the new year but I seem to be getting lots of ideas for reinforcements for my existing forces as well as entirely new ones.

 Mercenary Armour

I'm thinking of putting together an Imperial Guard formation too to match my 15mm stuff so I can try playing around with some larger scale encounters in the Farpoint sector. The plan is to slowly paint my way through everything I have in 6mm (which is a surprising amount!) and try to play out a campaign over the course of 2018.

 That was like, Ultra!

As things stand, I have a decent skirmish force for my Ultramarines and Eldar but need to bulk both out to cover all the options that I want to cover. My Squats are slowly coming together but I really need to add some more heavy vehicles to the mix. I have enough gubbins to build a decent Chaos renegade force as well as a fair chunk of Orks which should cover most eventualities.

Ultramarine VII company 

I'm hoping to incorporate several scales to the campaign, be they 15mm scale skirmishes, large scale rumbles in 6mm, dogfights in space and even some fleetscale shenanigans. I have several days off coming up over Christmas and between festive food I'm hoping to start building up my assorted forces and bulk up my scenery collection as well as getting the background put together for the upcoming campaign!

Eldar Raiders

I'm rather enjoying the prospect of playing out some game and hope that it will spur me onto painting more and really re-engaging with my hobby too! 

Now I doubt my armies will ever total the likes of this classic 2nd edition army but I plan on enjoying myself over the next twelve months!

 If only!

I think that I need to do a bit of a stocktake of the stuff I have and see about trading for the odds and ends that I'm missing and we shall see what I can put together and will post some further gubbins over the next few days including some epic scale Centurions for my Ultramarine legion!

In the meantime, All the best!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Mekboy Speedsta and Chaos Sighted!


Well I've managed to get some pics taken of my latest additions to my assorted projects!

First up, there's a Evil Sunz Mekboy Speedsta:

Mekboy Speedsta

Based on a Hotwheels dragster with a simple repaint and addition of a ridiculously big gun, I'm really chuffed with how it turned out!

 Go Fasta!!

I originally got the idea to add a ridiculously massive hotrod from the old Kustom Speedstas from epic which featured mentally over charged rides with forcefields and random weaponry and really wanted to add an interesting addition to my Orkish forces in 15mm scale.

 Zog Off!

While there's no rules for the Speedsta in 40k, I couldn't resist having a go at putting one together and suspect it's going to get quite a bit of use careening around the table unleashing lots of dakka before exploding impressively!

Kustom Paintwork

Next up, I've been perusing my Epic collection and realised I was rather short on scenery so painted up a couple of hab blocks:

 Settlement beginnings!

Constructed from lids of coffee jars with some thin cardboard stuck on, I'm rather pleased with how they turned out, especially as they are a little bit reminiscent of the buildings featured in the original Rogue Trader rules!

 Latte and Espresso blocks

I've got several more in various stages of construction and will add pics of them as I get them finished and am rather chuffed how they turned out. The most difficult part was priming the finished scenery as the plastic lids have a rather shiny finish that was a pain in the bum to get paint to adhere to!

Lastly, here's a quick sneak peek of my Chaos raiders that I've begun painting up for my skirmish forces:


I'm rather enjoying painting up the little chaps and have several more bases getting worked on at the moment as well as reinforcements for my Ultramarines.

I'm not too keen on the whole Grimdark background of Chaos so will be reworking them to better fit my Alternative Imperium setting which is more based on Roman society with a generous dose of world myths added in so prepare for the return of the Fallen Titans!

In the meantime, All the best!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Micro 40k


I've been perusing with interest the newest edition of 40k and am thinking of giving it a bash but in typical me fashion, I am eschewing the usual 28mm scale for something a bit different.

What I am planning is to get some use from my Epic collection to play a game or two!

That was like, Ultra!

Having looked at the changes GW has done to what was a very clunky and frankly unusable system has been rather refreshing with lots of nods to 1st and 2nd edition which I like but also streamlined and simplified which is even better!

Looking at my Ultramarine force though, I realise that I need to add some elements to give me a nicely rounded little force.

Ultramarine Force

At present, I have a Captain and three Tactical squads, a Terminator squad, a Dreadnaught, a Landraider and Rhino transports. To make my force a little more playable, I need to add a heavy weapon or two the the existing squads as well as adding some more crunchy squads and armour to give me many different choices and a playable and characterful force.

My Eldar are in much the same state!

Eldar Raiders

I have a Warlock, lots of Guardians and Falcons as well as some Dark Reapers, Banshees, a Dreadnaught and a Vyper but want to add some extra gubbins to the force to round it out!

Game wise, I think that the multi figure bases should work ok and changing measurements from inches to centimeters should deal with scaling issues. To top it off, I think I could play a decent sized game on a 2'x3' board!

I need to have a bash at some smaller games first to see how things work and to get the hang of the new rules but I quite like the idea and will be playing around with it to see how it works over the next few days and will report progress when I make it!

In the meantime, Stay Ultra!