Sunday, 20 May 2018

Project Fyreslayer Part 1


Well I'm now officially on holiday for a week and have spent the last few days thinking about what I want to do about re-engaging with my hobby and as I mentioned in my previous post, I've gone for Age of Sigmar Skirmish!

I quite liked the idea of the assorted realms of the setting and will be adding my own spin on it in the coming week to give me somewhere to set the action but first things first, what force to go for?


After a bit of perusal, I settled on Fyrselayers as I really like the concept of furious stunties wielding axes while sporting fine headgear and a quick peek at Ebay snagged me five Vulcite Berzerkers for under a tenner.

Hopefully they will arrive in the next few days and I'm quite looking forward to putting them together and starting painting, which in itself is quite a promising sign! Looking at my paints, I think I need to invest in some new metallics, not to mention some more ruddy flesh tones but we'll see what we can do!

 Eat My Axe!

The plan is to paint these five and if all goes well, expand the warband to ten or so models and then move onto another warband and once I have two small forces, start playing out a mini campaign of interlinked skirmishes and see where it takes me.

I've spotted a few suitable miniatures from other ranges to add character to the warband and we shall see how things go!

 Paul Bonner Artwork!

Setting wise, I plan on using Stormburg as the main base of the campaign. Back in the day, Future Publishing produced a hobby related magazine called Arcane which had a monthly encounter supplement which gave you a setting, characters and plot hooks and Stormburg was always a favourite of mine (Arcane died the death as so many others before and after as it was neither fish nor fowl and tried to cover Miniatures, RPG, Cardgames and even Boardgames)

Stormburg, City of Storms

I always liked the setting and even painted up a fair amount of Stormburg militia back in the day and rather like the idea of re-exploring the City of Storms, especially as it's tendency to move between the realms is brilliant for Age of Sigmar.

Coupled with the need to trade, intriguing from the ruling council and sinister cultists, Stormburg will make for a good starting point for my project and we shall see how things develop going forward, especially as it will allow me to incorporate elements of magitech into my games as Stormburg flits between many worlds and time periods!

Over the next week, I hope to detail Stormburg and get the first five Fyreslayers painted up and who knows, I may even be inspired to paint something from my rather neglected leadpile!

In the meantime, All the best!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sigmar Skirmish?


I've been having a bit of a ponder about how best to restart my hobby mojo which, as previously mentioned, has been sadly lacking of late.

Whilst looking around for inspiration, I've found myself rather drawn to the re-imagined Warhammer setting, Age of Sigmar. I know that a lot of the traditional Fantasy Battle fans ignore, distain or despise it, but the setting is growing on me and some of the range is looking rather spiffy.

There's something rather appealing about the looseness of the setting and big, chunky characters with over the top armour which I can't help but feel could lend itself to a bit of hobby inspiration.

Now I have no intention of putting together a full scale army, but I do find myself wondering about the possibility of a small foray into skirmishing in the setting with small warbands pottering around the realms causing mayhem or searching for lost treasure or ancient artifacts from another age.

I can easily imagine small bands of Stormcast Eternals on a quest or rampaging Orruks out on a slave raid or any one of numerous different plot hooks, scenarios and shifty characters that could make for both a varied and interesting sort of mini project...

There's also plenty of opportunity for random encounters with a warband bumping into D6 Ghouls or being hired by a settlement to defend them from some nameless monstrosity!

Now I am not sure how such a project will pan out, but with the release of 2nd edition of Age of Sigmar next month, I may be tempted to pick up a box of bits and see what I can do. The downside to a purely skirmish project in Age of Sigmar is the box set with most units only being available in boxes of 5-10 of the same type but I will see if I can't work something out.

Any such project I set myself will need some sort of challenge or target to aim for and enough variety to keep me from the doldrums and I will need to spend a few days looking at the options to see where to start.

If nothing else, I am skirting about the edges of something hobby related and the coming weeks will hopefully see me shuffling forward in a somewhat sensible direction but in the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Loss of Mojo


Well it's been a while since I updated my blog and I must admit that most of it is down to me having utterly lost my hobby mojo over the last few months.

I've repeatedly picked up and put down my brushes and tried different scales, settings and ranges from my collection and found myself utterly uninspired.

Looking back on my blog, it's become a bit of a dumping ground for failed projects and I hate to admit it but I've lost all interest in 6mm as well as 15mm scale for no good reason. Equally frustratingly, I don't seem to have much passion for 28mm either at present and while part of me is finding the loss of mojo most distressing, I'm surprisingly unbothered about the whole thing.

Maybe it's because I'm finding myself increasingly busy at work or the frustration that all the games I loved are out of production and even getting the miniatures I fondly remember requires far more of a budget than I have or maybe it's just my interests have moved on (gosh, I really hope not!).

I have a sneaking suspicion that it may also have something to do with my current lead pile as it consists of the dregs of my great clearout and it's pretty uninspiring dross to be honest which doesn't really make me want to pick something out and paint it.

Another issue I'm finding is that I just don't have the space for much of a gaming board so even small scale skirmishes are a bit of a challenge...

Whatever the reason, I'm going to go back to the drawing board and spend my weeks holiday later in the month doing a bit of navel gazing and see if I can't figure out just what I want to do about the situation.

Hopefully I'll be back to some semblance of hobby related shenanigans in the coming months so apologies for the waffling and lack of anything interesting to update but in the meantime, All the best!


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Still Alive!


Well I've not posted any updates for some time but I have actually had a rather productive few weeks hobby wise as I've had a much needed two whole weeks holiday from work!

With Christmas, New Year sales, Harry Potter nights and all sorts of work related excitement, I must admit that the last two weeks have been bliss and a much needed chance to recharge my batteries, relax and paint some stuff!

I've been sorting through our spare room (or library!) which has been chock full of stuff since we moved last year and it's starting to look habitable but more importantly, it's given me an excuse to sort my unpainted miniature stashes into one relatively small pile and I've found picking up and painting the odd bits and bobs that I have collected over the last few decades rather rewarding.

First up, here's some simple scenics I put together for my upcoming Rogue Trader demo at Waterstones:

 Ultramarines investigate some ruins

While they are nothing too exciting, I had a general lack of ruins for my 15mm scale guys to fight over so put this stuff together over the course of an hour or so using cork tile and sand with a little bit of polyfilla to add texture and quite like how they turned out. I need to make another dozen or so for the demo but it shouldn't take too long to do now I have the process sorted.

Next up, I reworked my Ultramarines to be non metallic in-keeping with how my painting style seems to have developed and even managed to finish the missile launcher trooper which has sat primed but unloved in a box since I was at university!

Heavy Weapon

Better yet, I painted up some thuggish sorts with pistols to represent The Riot Squad, one of the local street gangs on Farpoint as well as a random old lady (who looks like she may have stepped out of Monty Python).
Thugs look askance at a shifty old lady

I really like the expression on her face and although the sculpting is rather chunky, she looks the part (ironically she's supposed to be a small child but looks far better as an old cantankerous lady). The gangers are rather fun, although their guns are a bit oversized and have lots of character.

I've also finally found time to paint up my SD adventuring party for Somewhere on the Border!

Bold Adventurers

These are all original sculpts by myself and painting them has got my fingers literally itching to make some more as I really enjoyed painting them!

But there's more! I also finished a Dwarf Technomancer and her robotic minion!

 Shoot him in the face Clyde!

I've also got a sinister rusty rogue robot finished!

Dakka Dakka Dakka!

He's going to be seeing use in several games in the not too distant future, both as an Ork dreadnought in 15mm scale and as a rogue Golem in Somewhere on the Border.

There's more! I've been humming and hahing about trying to put together a 28mm scale fantasy army for some time which got me thinking about my old Leviathan project which got me rummaging for bits which resulted in me painting up some stalwart Dwarves!


Yes, Leviathan is getting a bit of a fresh look at and I'm just going to concentrate on painting stuff and enjoying the retro charm of the classic and characterful sculpts.

Finally, I've got some Aeronef painted for a bit of a random side project that's been rattling around in my head for quite some time too.

Imperial Patrol Nef

It's a bit of a random one that I suspect will be a slow one to develop but has thus far been rather fun to paint my way through.

Kahuna Island Nef

You may notice that I have four different projects all on the go at once but it seems that is just how I roll and it's stopping me getting bored with any one project and I must admit that I've surprised myself with just how much stuff I have managed to paint my way through in the ongoing challenge to clear my unpainted leadpile.

With this in mind, I suspect that I will be flitting around in a similar style for the rest of the year but it's keeping me working at painting and enjoying my hobby and that's the main thing!

All the best!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Imperial Progress


Well work has been taking up quite a lot of my time over the last few weeks as well as assorted flat related gubbins so hobbying is having a bit of a struggle but I have managed to finish off a few more bits and bobs for my Epic Ultramarines!

First up, I've finally got my Techmarine complete along with his banner:

Techmarine plus mechanics

I've also got some rapid response in the form of a Landspeeder, which is actually one of my favourite Epic figures that I've painted to date:


Next up, here's some quick shots of my army thus far:

 Command and control

Ultramarines of the III Legion, VII company commanded by Captain Fentros

More Ultraness!

I'm really liking the combined force as it stands and with the addition of some more vehicles and a few infantry, I think it will be complete (for the time being!) and will move on to finishing up my Eldar and Renegades, not to mention some Orkish types to shoot the place up a bit...

Tactical Platoon

Speaking of Renegades, I've managed to finish the first of my Followers of Titan Rhino's:


It's a stock plastic Rhino with a scratch built ram made from plasticard. I must admit that I am not too much of a fan of much of the Chaos stuff that got released for 3rd edition of Epic with all the chains and trophy racks.

In my setting, Chaos doesn't really exist, instead you have the Followers of the Titans, an ancient race of gods who ruled the Imperium before being cast down my their offspring. In the ensuing eons, they have fought using their human and alien proxies to regain their former glories.

The Titans are not evil and neither are their followers. They are elemental and prone to acting rashly but not intent on destroying the universe in some sort of apocalyptic frenzy. They want to rule the place so wrecking it up seems a bit counter productive...

I have also painted a few bits and bobs in 15mm scale for my upcoming Rogue Trader demo at work but am saving the pics until I have everything finished and will post up the forces, the terrain and the scenario in advance hopefully followed by a bit of an after action report following the evening (if I can get anyone to have a go at it!)

In the meantime, All the best!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Rogue Trader In Waterstones Dundee


As folks may or indeed may not know, I work at Waterstones in Dundee and last year we ran monthly games nights with some success and this year we're looking to really have a bash at providing somewhere for gamers to come along and meet like minded folks to play card games, boardgames and even the odd RPG session.

As I'm the events guy for our shop, I've volunteered to bring along Rogue Trader for folks to have a go at.

Rogue Trader

I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive as this will be the first demo game that I've tried out and as many of the people who headed along to previous nights are more into their board and cardgames, I'm not sure how things will go but it will give me the chance to put together a game and some forces and play out some scenarios!

The Governor General

The plan is to run it like an RPG lite with each player having a small squad of underlings supporting their character so I need to get the brushes out and crack on as I need to paint up a few more characters and troops, not to mention monstrous foes for the good guys to shoot at!

If anyone fancies coming along on Tuesday the 20th of February from 5pm, they are more than welcome! In the meantime though, I'll be posting regular updates as my assorted little warbands start forming and terrain construction goes up a gear!

We're also approaching the local wargaming group to see if they would be willing to bring along the new Necromunda to demo and as I get more info, I'll post it here.

All the best! 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Epic Planning


Well I'm slowly painting through my Epic pile and it's got me to thinking about getting some games in with my tiny armies.

Now as previously mentioned, I have no space to play mega games of Epic with huge armies duking it out for control of entire worlds, but I do have enough space to play considerably smaller games featuring small forces on patrol with the odd big guy to mix things up a bit.


With this in mind, I have decided to try and complete my Ultramarines over the course of January. The plan is to make sure I have at least one of each of the many choices Space Marine Armies have, which lets face it, is quite a bit!

 Ultramarines versus Eldar Aspects and an Avatar

With this in mind, I have perused both my painted Epic collection and my bits boxes to see what I still need to put together and I think I have just about everything I need which is handy. I am also going to revisit the existing paint jobs on most of my Ultramarines as compared to my Renegades, it's a bit rough and ready.

Ultramarine Armour

I'm rather keen to also put together a more tropical region of Farpoint to allow for some classic 40k scenic shenanigans inspired by 2nd edition 40k so action will be taking place on New Viridia, a heavily forested world ruled by the Viridian Megacorporation as well as on Farpoint itself.

Jungle Combat!

 I'm also hoping to use the opportunity to jump back into 15mm scale skirmishing with the secret war between the Governor General's intelligence agents and Vosk's ruffians so expect to see some small covert actions to appear here in the next few months!

Armoured assault

While on the topic, I am also pondering sculpting up some assorted bits and bobs to represent some of the characters I have come up with for my background and to set the scene for further developments in the sector. We shall have to see what I can come up with as I suspect that work will once again be very busy this year but I am rather enjoying working through the stuff I have and have thus far managed to avoid the siren call of purchasing anything.

Ultramarines defend a remote outpost from Goff raiders.

Worry not about my other Epic forces though, as I have plans for them too this coming year but sadly will have to dip into my hobby funds to round them out as each of them needs a few bits and bobs to make them really playable.

The Governor General's House Troops

I have enough stuff to put together warbands for my Squats, Eldar, Renegades and at least two different Marine Legions but I find myself bereft of any lowly Imperial Guard so will need to put together a small order to furnish myself with both Regular Imperial troops, the Governor Generals House troops, Vosks mercenary scum and some generic rebels, not to mention Viridian troops as well.

I think that the doability of collecting and painting a decent little force in 6mm is one of the main attractions of the scale, plus there's something really pleasing about seeing a tiny horde come together on the table that I'm rather liking. Plus the price of such a project is relatively low with an entire platoon of infantry being available for under a fiver and a tank platoon for not much more!

It's looking like I am going to have a rather action packed year ahead and I just hope that I can continue the year on such a high note as I have started it!

Hopefully my next update will have some freshly painted Marines to showcase as well as a few other bits and bobs that I've been working on but in the meantime, All the best!